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Kinase Inhibitor - Water-mediated drug receptor interactions
Neuron - HA Mediated Synapse Loss
Macrophage - Activation by small molecule
SARS caronavirus spike protein with ace2 receptor - studying viral species barriers
SARS caronavirus spike protein with ace2 receptor - studying viral species barriers

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About Our Graduate Program

The University of Minnesota offers one of the top-rated Pharmacology programs in the country. One of the best funded departments in the Medical School, the Department of Pharmacology has approximately 40 faculty members and 50 graduate students who work in a broad range of scientific disciplines from cancer research and infectious disease to neurobiology, and who employ diverse experimental approaches ranging from structural and biophysical methods to animal and human studies. For details, see our research focus areas in the section above.

This is an exciting time for our department and our graduate program. Under new leadership the Department of Pharmacology has aggressively recruited new faculty and is expanding the PhD program. The breadth of research pursued by our faculty allows us to provide the most multidisciplinary pharmacology training possible for the next generation of scientists, which will be critical to the success of our graduates in the increasingly competitive scientific job market.

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Director of Graduate Studies
Sundaram Ramakrishnan, Ph.D.
Phone: 612-626-6461

Graduate Program Assistant
Molly Rochford
Phone: 612-626-1248

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